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Training Faculty

The GEEAP group is comprised of 11 faculty from the Department of Animal Science, School of Veterinary Medicine, and Genome Center. All are members of the ABGG and IGG graduate programs, with most being members of both programs.

Faculty research is diverse, but the overall emphasis of this training program is on gene editing uses aimed at improving livestock production, an important area of national need. GEEAP faculty conduct research within and across the overlapping focus areas of:

  1. Genetic/genomic approaches for gene target identification
  2. Developing technologies for genetic engineering
  3. Application of genetic engineering for improving animal production
  4. Transgenic animal regulatory landscape and societal acceptance
Trish Berger, Ph.D. Molecular mechanisms of mammalian fertilization. Testicular development
Ana Denicol, Ph.D. Ovarian germ cell manipulations
Bruce Draper, Ph.D. Sex differentiation, gametogenesis, and gene editing in fish models
Elizabeth Maga, Ph.D. Antimicrobial expression in the mammary gland of transgenic dairy animals Host/microbe interactions in monogastric TGI system
Stuart Meyer, Ph.D. Sperm physiology, cryopreservation, and male fertility
Michael R. Miller, Ph.D. Ecological genetics in salmonid fishes
James D. Murray, Ph.D. Genetic engineering of mammals
Pablo Ross, Ph.D. Epigenetic and genetic editing in livestock. Assisted reproductive technologies and Stem Cells
David Segal, Ph.D. Develop molecular tools for gene targeting and genome/epigenome editing
Alison L. Van Eenennaam, Ph.D. Biotechnologies and genomics of beef production
Huaijun Zhou, Ph.D. Disease resistance and host-pathogen interactions in chickens